Message from the CEO

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Robert L. Rundle - President & CEO

Community.  Wikipedia defines community as a social unit of any size that shares common values. In that definition, the word unit is an awfully sterile word to describe a place where common values are shared. I prefer to describe community with these three words – South Central Pennsylvania.  

Last fall, LSS asked for your support in helping us to expand our services. We asked in a big way.  Since we had not conducted a Capital Campaign in more than two decades, a part of me felt we were taking a huge risk in asking for the community’s support to raise $4.5 million.  But, there was also a part of me that knew that the caring fiber that is wound into the very fabric of our community would not let us down.  As I have witnessed many times throughout that past 20 years, when the communities that comprise South Central Pennsylvania are called to action, they respond. You not only responded, you responded generously and turned a risk into an opportunity to care for those who have cared for us.

We recognize that your positive response to our campaign was not about providing support to LSS to build some new buildings.  It was about how this community responds to the needs of its neighbors – how we all share the common value of caring for those who live and work in this place we call home. LSS would never have been able to serve more than 16,000 individuals in 2013, if it were not for the caring and compassion that exists in the communities in which we serve. We would never have had such a successful Cornerstone Dinner in the midst of a Capital Campaign, if this community did not trust us to help build a better community.

Wikipedia is wrong. Community is not a unit.  A community is a collection of individuals who understand their responsibility to care for others and in doing so band together to ensure that the needs of all are met. I have never been more proud to call this my home.  Thank you and God Bless you for not only what you do for LSS, but for all you do for OUR COMMUNITY.