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ADVANCE, a domestic abuse intervention services program, offers alternatives to domestic abuse by providing the opportunity, information and skills training needed to help individuals who have used violence or abuse begin to live non-violently.

A group learning process is used in all four educational programs. Although it is not therapy, the process is therapeutic and fosters personal growth for those who have been abusive, controlling or violent with an intimate partner or other family member. At any given time there are group members who are new, others who are nearly finished, and many at various in between stages.

Our Programs

ADVANCE for Men is for men who have used abuse in interpersonal relationships with current and/or former intimate partners. The curriculum is based on the program, Creating a Process of Change for Men Who Batter, from the Domestic Abuse Project in Duluth, Minnesota. The full curriculum requires 26 sessions and continues on a rotating basis with new men joining the groups each month. Typically, groups are comprised of 8-12 clients and led by a team of co-facilitators. Facilitators model the non-abusive behaviors being taught.

ADVANCE Intervention Services for Women Choosing Non-Violence is for women who have used abuse in interpersonal relationships. The 16-week program seeks to provide healthy empowerment and accountability for women and justice for the community. As needed, individual sessions may accompany the group program. The curriculum was developed collaboratively by ADVANCE and ACCESS-York (victim services) staff.

ADVANCE Fatherhood is for men who are actively parenting their or their partner’s children. The program focuses on the client’s intimate partner relationships and his father role in parenting children. The 26-week curriculum incorporates parenting material from Becoming a Love and Logic Parent, plus additional information on child development.

ADVANCE Passages for Youth and Young Adults is a program for young men aged 16-22 who have been abusive or violent in dating or family relationships. The 16-week program is designed to engage them in examining concepts of authentic masculinity and develop healthy relationship skills as they move into the adult world.