Financial Education & Coaching

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Most of us experience tough financial situations in life.  Maybe you are making less at your new job... Maybe you’ve lost a loved one who helped support your household... Maybe you keep facing bills you just don’t seem to have enough money to pay.  If you are struggling to make your budget work, you desire to eliminate debt, or you have other questions on how to begin experiencing strong financial stability, we can help.

Program staff facilitate workshops and provide individualized financial coaching for participants seeking to make financial decisions that will lead to a healthier financial future.  Our workshops and coaching services are offered in locations throughout South Central Pennsylvania that are convenient for the participants.  Locations may include the program office, churches, participant’s homes and other mutually agreed upon locations.

There are no fees for the program’s workshops and individualized financial coaching services.  To achieve successful results participants are expected to communicate honestly, openly and fully.  In addition, they must be willing to commit to making positive changes to improve their financial future and overall quality of life.

Financial Education & Coaching Services include:

Financial Education Workshops – Stand-alone and structured workshop series inform and equip individuals and families with culturally relevant information to help them begin taking action towards achieving life-changing financial wellness.

Individualized Financial Coaching – Through supportive listening, creative problem solving and structured accountability coaches work with participants to begin implementing healthier financial decisions to improve their financial future.

Information and Resources – Program staff are always willing to listen and, as appropriate, link individuals with other community and professional resources.  

Financial Peace University – This 9-week biblically based curriculum that teaches people how to handle money God’s ways is offered throughout the year through partnerships with churches and other organizations.  

Bridges Out of Poverty – Equipping employers, community organizations, social service agencies and individuals with information and strategies to address and reduce poverty in a comprehensive way.